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November 2018


From the Calendar: "Beavers build dams to create deep ponds, which they use to cache food for the winter. During the fall, beavers cut branches and store them in the bottom of the pond where the branches will stay fresh and accessible throughout the winter."

For more information about beavers in the Methow, check out the Methow Beaver Project!

The 2018 calendar features more great block print art by local kids with help from the Methow Arts Alliance and layout by Tara Gregg. Pick up your 2018 calendar at the Riverbank in Twisp, the Twisp Community Center, the Twisp Library, or the Winthrop Library, or click here to view the calendar as a PDF.


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2017 Calendar


This year’s MRC calendar connects to ADVENTURES, ACTIVITIES AND INFORMATION tailored to each month. If you haven't gotten your calendar yet, you can download an electronic version here.

Come back each month and find interactive activities, print outs, and suggested learning opportunities in our community.