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May 2017

Amphibian Survey

Amphibian Surveys

Frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are very sensitive to their environment. Like many other species, they are threatened by habitat degradation, disease, and predation by non-native species. Their permable skin makes them especially vulnerable to chemical contamination of their habitat. Because their health is so closely tied to the state of their surroundings, the study of amphibian populations helps us to gauge the health of their environment.


Biologists and local volunteers survey amphibian populations in a variety of ways, from wading into ponds with dip nets to listening for the calls of adults. The data gathered from these surveys can help us monitor the health of a site over time, tracking the impacts of land use and the effectiveness of habitat restoration. By paying attention to the fragile amphibians, we gain insight into the ecosystem as a whole.

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