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March 2017


Fish are well-evolved to hide from predators. They're fast, their coloration blends in with the stream bed, and they're good at ducking into log jams and under rocks. This can make them difficult for biologists to capture.

One tool available for capturing fish is the electrofisher. Pulsed high-voltage electricity temporarily stuns the fish, making them easy to collect with a net. Biologists can then count and identify the captured fish, and in some cases fit them with electronic tags to monitor their migration. Electrofishing can also be used to move fish out of harm's way. Some habitat projects require temporarily draining a section of habitat. To prevent fish in the project area from becoming stranded as the water drains out, biologists with electrofishing gear collect them and release them elsewhere.

Electrofishing is an important tool for fish restoration, and when it's done right, it causes the fish no lasting harm.

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